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Unfortunately, the build up to a first date is usually more enjoyable than the actual date itself as expectations are more often than not, better than reality... The full swept-off-your-feet movie star kiss in the rain.

Right, I'm gonna make some kind of an effort, he did actually ask me out so he can't be a total f*ckboy. Or at the very least a decent shift before he hails you a taxi.

As an independent woman, that's probably not the situation you want anyway.

So no matter who pays the bills, it's nice and empowering to simply offer to split them on occasion.2.

Unless he expressly has told you otherwise, he probably would love to see you split meals and expenses once in a while. If your man is supposed to be your best friend, is it fair to make your best friend pay for you every single time?You can't wait to get home later, because he totally got you that Tiffany necklace you've been eyeing for months.He probably even got it back in October because he wanted to make sure he had the perfect gift in advance. Your phone will be blowing up all day from the cute selfies of him preparing for the big romantic night.Whether you're single, in a relationship or somewhere in between, we all have an idea of what we expect on Valentine's Day.We hate to admit it, but our expectations are usually 5,000 miles from the reality of how V-Day goes down.One of him cleaning the apartment, another one of him setting the table…maybe even one of him taking a pre-date bubble bath!